1. How will Niche Au Pairs help me?

Finding your ideal Au Pair can be quite a daunting prospect. Niche Au Pairs takes the stress out of finding your ideal Au Pair. With a deep understanding of what’s involved, we do all the hard work for you. We work closely with each host family to understand each family’s needs and expectations and tailor the search accordingly.

As professionals in recruitment, we know the right questions to ask and provide an objective, informed view in terms of ‘fit’ and finding the right Au Pair for you.

We work closely with you to understand your needs – Niche Au Pairs offers an initial free telephone conversation to tell you all about what it’s like to have an Au Pair and whether it is right for your family.

Niche Au Pairs will then arrange an hour’s consultation, ideally in person, to discuss your needs in more detail and to really get a complete understanding of what you’re looking for in an Au Pair and the help you need.

We save you a lot of time – finding your ideal Au Pair can be very time consuming and difficult to manage  – especially having to connect with Au Pairs who are on different time zones!  Once we have a thorough understanding of your family’s needs, Niche Au Pairs will conduct the search for you, so you can get on with your day to day demands!

We have the skills – whilst there are a number of ‘self-service’ or ‘dating like’ websites available that may provide you with access to a variety of Au Pairs seeking roles, you will be responsible for conducting the entire process. This will include everything from interviewing, short-listing candidates, conducting reference checks and providing all the necessary paperwork – not to mention the assistance required to help your Au Pair settle in.

As experts in recruitment, Niche Au Pairs will provide you with the confidence that the process is carried out professionally.

We provide you with support – prior to your placement, Niche Au Pairs will provide you with advice to ensure your family is prepared for your Au Pair and to help them settle in.

We also provide every host family with a very informative household manual template. This will help to consolidate all the essential information about your home and its day to day running. The manual serves as a useful ‘go to’ for your new Au Pair. This is especially useful in the first few weeks where a lot of information can be quite overwhelming for an Au Pair who is busy settling in.

Niche Au Pairs check in with each  host and Au Pair 2 to 3 weeks into each placement and offer guidance, as required, to help with the settling in process. It is sometimes navigating the little things that require a helping hand.

Niche Au Pairs offers a 30 day replacement guarantee – whilst Niche Au Pairs will do all that we can to ensure a successful placement, Niche Au Pairs offer a 30 day replacement guarantee. This is provided more so as a safety blanket.

2. How long can an Au Pair stay with a family?

Au Pairs must secure a holiday working visa to work in Australia, entitling them to stay in the country for a period of 12 months.

3. I’m not sure my house is big enough

Niche Au Pairs recommends that hosts provide Au Pairs a furnished private bedroom with Wi-Fi connection and access to a private or communal bathroom. Niche Au Pairs, in consultation with the host, will incorporate an overview of the Au Pair’s living arrangements in the Job Description, to ensure what’s on offer is clear!

4. How does Niche Au Pairs match Au Pairs and host families?

Making successful matches is not down to sheer luck…

Niche Au Pairs interviews all hosts and potential (Au Pair) candidates to understand the expectations of both parties. We then use our extensive experience to make successful matches – ensuring that the expectations of the host (family) and Au Pair are closely aligned is paramount here.

Based on the information provided by the host, Niche Au Pairs will provide the host with a tailored job description. This provides Au Pairs with a clear understanding of the role, responsibilities, desires and interests of each family and will help them to assess whether this role is a good fit for them.

Niche Au Pairs will provide the host with a shortlist of candidates to interview. Together with the reference checks carried out by Niche Au Pairs, the host family can then make up their own mind which Au Pair they feel is the best fit for their family.

5. I’m not sure about having someone living in our house

It’s very common especially if this is your first time in having an Au Pair, to have reservations about the living-in part!

Niche Au Pairs works closely with each family to search for suitably matched Au Pairs. It may take a bit of getting used to initially, however, you’ll be surprised how quickly families and Au Pairs settle. Niche Au Pairs provide each Au Pair and host family with a number of useful ‘hints & tips’ prior to the Au Pair’s arrival. This guidance has been developed from many years of experience – providing very practical information to assist families and Au Pairs.

6. How long will the process take?

Niche Au Pairs works on the basis of finding each family with a well-matched Au Pair and finding an ideal match will take time. Niche Au Pairs recommends that families allow for approximately 8 weeks.

7. How much pocket money is provided?

An Au Pair may work from around 25 to 30 hours per week and are given full board (own private room and all meals).*

*Niche Au Pairs also recommend providing access to unlimited WiFi and weekly pocket money.

Pocket money is around $200 to $300 per week, depending on the number of hours required.

A successful relationship relies on a little ‘give and take’ from both sides.  When children are unwell or the host family require a little extra help every now and again, it is recommended to provide an Au Pair with some extra time off as a thank you.


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